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Green Manufacturing / FSC Certification

David C. Grubb Associates, LLC is a strong supporter of green manufacturing not only because it is good for the planet, but also because it is good for you. Waste reductions eliminating excessive consumption of wood and raw materials as well as superior performance for energy efficiency also benefit your bottom line.

FSC Certification

David C. Grubb Associates, LLC has seen a growing trend in commercial businesses to specify FSC certified products. The emerging consumer demand for certification is creating a powerful incentive for retailers to seek out dependable FSC certified suppliers for noncommercial products. This in turn prompts forest managers to adopt ecologically sound certified practices that maintain natural forest characteristics, and to move away from destructive techniques of large-scale clear-cutting, logging in endangered and old growth forests and destruction of natural forests for replacement by barren tree plantations. 

Our experienced associates can assist you with the procedures, documentation, and applications you need to gain FSC Certification.