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Training and Skills Development

We provide in house training for your personnel to improve their performance and increase their productivity both in the office and on the shop floor. 

Our training  courses are tailored to your operation and needs. As manufacturing people we too often look to machines and processes as the sources of improved profits but that ignores an extremely important and often untapped opportunity, our people.

We will train your shop people to identify and remove waste from your operations; most often these are common activities that without training they do not identify as waste.  We can do the same for your office staff to improve their productivity through identifying and removing of waste combined with more effective utilization of your existing software.  Focused software training includes specialized training for Microsoft Office Suite 2007 and other common productivity tools.

We will train your people in the use of Kaisen as a method of continuous improvement and help you build a core continuous improvement team which will continue to return benefits to you long after the training is completed.